Shipping Policy


please select the proper shipping at checkout 

if heat pack is needed please add it to your cart and indicate in a note to use it with your order. 


 Betta fish, plants, shrimp and all other dry goods and botanicals- all shipping options available. 

****all other fish remain pickup or in store shop only ****

all standard orders are shipped out on mondays and tuesdays(to avoid any orders sitting over the weekend)

priority/express can be shipped out Mondays and Tuesday’s 

expdedited shipping- 50% doa coverage 

express shipping- 100% doa coverage 

priorty shipping- 100% doa coverage 

after receiving an email confirming your order you will receive another email notifying you when your order is shipped or ready for pickup 

please be home to receive your package. any orders left with courier/outside will not be subject to any refunds. 
We regularly check tracking to ensure quality of delivery is met. 

in store pickup - please put in a note date and time of pickup requested (within our operating hours) otherwise an email will be sent to arrange a pickup date and time. 

Please check your emails in the event of unexpected weather post shipping we may check on orders quality upon arrival. We stand behind our products and name, if you’re unsatisfied with the quality or service do not hesitate to reach out and we will respond accordingly to fix any issues. 


In the event your order arrives damaged or doa please contact us within 3 hours to replace or refund with a clear photo of item, still in our packaging( once taken out of our packaging all refunds are voided) any unclear/blurry photos will not be refunded, exchanged or credited. 
Failure to report any DOA livestock within 3 hours, out of package or without photos will render any refunds, exchanges or credits void. 

live plants or shrimp will not be shipped out during severe weather. we have the right to withhold any orders due to outside factors. In this event orders will be sent out on the next available shipping day if factors permit. 

products already released in the aquarium will not be subject to refunds, exchanges or credits. 

All refunds require a photo within hours of receiving your order. Refunds will not be issued without photos of damaged products still in our packaging. 

please select shipping based off DOA coverage needed.

if the wrong address/info is entered upon ordering please notify us before shipment is sent out otherwise NO refunds, exchanges or credits will be available, shipping and taxes will NOT be refunded. 
We take no responsibility in the accumulation process, once order has been received we have hold no responsibility for any damage, livestock fatalities etc incurred  past that point. 

glass items and electronics are not covered under any doa protection. 

refunds are dealt with on an individual basis, do not hesitate to reach out about any problem with an order.